What Moves Your Soul?

We want to hear your stories..  What has a stranger done for you that made you smile?  Comment below…


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  1. I am a guard in a women’s jail. one day while I was facilitating a class on Substance Abuse, this one inmate kept challenging me. She was rudely interrupting and questioning everything I was saying. It became quite disruptive. Before I could take action another inmate spoke up and said, “let’s just hear what the staff has to say.” This riled up the challenging inmate. The conversation between the two inmates became escalated. Then something very unusual happened, all the inmates in the class pulled together and directing the comment to the challenging inmate said,”we are a team, staff included. Let’s all work together.” The challenging inmate appeared as shocked as I was. The challenging inmate stop being rude and the class ran smoothly after that.

    For those that do not understand prison code from the perspective of an inmate, inmates and staff are not a team. I felt very moved and optimistic about the positive change.

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