Black Friday vs. Haiyan Typhoon Relief Efforts

So I don’t usually watch the news on TV.. but I happened to catch a few minutes last night.  It was all about Black Friday and how SO MANY people will be fighting border line-ups and store crowds to score some deals.  Don’t worry… this blog post isn’t to rant about people placing too much value on material items and spending money across the border when Canadian stores need their business to survive (I’ll save that for another post)…  ;-)

The TV reporter stated that shoppers participating in Black Friday will be spending on average $300…..  That’s a decent chunk of change.

So here’s what I am thinking….  Go ahead shoppers… Shop till you drop!  Find those deals!  Get all your Christmas shopping done this weekend….  BUT…. maybe while you are in line for that MUST HAVE item on your list…or while you sit at the border crossing for an hour or two…. or while the barista at Starbucks whips you up that eggnog latte… you will take just ONE MINUTE of your time to donate to the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts.  Even $5 out of your $300 shopping budget will help the survivors of the Typhoon enjoy a clean glass of water……

Click here to donate through Red Cross.

Natalie Stephenson

The Soul Movement

Donate to Philippines Typhoon Relief

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